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The Queen Bee of white grapes, Chardonnay can grow just about anywhere.  Burgundy France is where it achieves it's greatest heights, the wines of the region show subtle notes of mineral and chalk.  Cooler climates like New Zealand and Chablis produce crisp, high acid withs with rich mineral and apple notes.  Warmer climates like Southern California and Australia foster riper grapes that create heavier wine leaning towards tropical fruit flavors.  Chardonnay adapts itself to oak very well, as one may taste in many of the wines that show rich buttery, toasty creme-brulee notes.
The Chenin Blanc grape produces some of the most profound (and longest lived) white wines in the world.  The Loire Valley of France - more specifically, the regions of Vouvray, Savennieres, Anjou and Samur is where the grape reaches it's highest levels.  The versatility of the grape allows it to produce wines both dry and sweet, still and sparkling wines.  The grape also excels in South Africa (where it is known as Steen) and parts of Inland Central California (Clarksburg) and parts of Washington State.  The dry style of Chenin Blanc is a crisp, refreshing wine with citrus flavors offset by an almost creamy texture.
While Pinot Grigio is the same grape as Pinot Gris, the differences of wine they create can be immense.  Pinot Gris' most popular and successful region is Alsace, France.  Pinot Grigio is the Italian version of the grape, known for its light, crisp acidity.  But wines from other regions usually term their wine Pinot Gris or Grigio based on the wine's flavor profile.  More recently, Oregon has had great success with the grape, producing Alsace-styled wines that are rich, perfumed, aromatic, stone fruit-laden wines.  More recently South America and California have started produced Italian styled Pinot Grigios that are light and crisp.
The Riesling grape is happiest in a cooler climate, one that fosters its slow and steady ripening.  From bone dry to lusciously sweet, this variety is delicious at any sugar level with its intense aromas and steely acidity. Most popular in Germany and Alsace, the Riesling grape is grown on steep, sun-facing slopes of these cooler climates.  It can be made in dry or sweet styles.  Australia produces very long-lived, bone dry Rieslings as does New Zealand.  Most recently, Michigan has entered the picture, producing Germanic-styled, aromatic Rieslings that rival anything being producing in the US.
One of the most distinctive grapes, Sauvignon Blanc is a highly aromatic variety that does well in both the old and new world.  From the Loire Valley of France to Marlborough in New Zealand, Sauvignon Blanc has found many regions that bring out its unique and delicious flavors.  Loire Valley Sauvignon Blancs are crisp and grassy, with delicious minerality and an occasional gun flint/smokey character.  More recently, New Zealand has embraced the grape, producing wines that exude its typical crisp acidity, as well as pungent passion fruit and grapefruit aromas and flavors.  Great Sauvignons are also produced in California and South America.
Viognier is one of the most exotic white grapes in the world, best known for producing the rich, aromatic white wines of the Northern Rhone.  The perfumed grape creates wines of distinct aromas and flavors with very low acidity.  The Viognier grape attacks your nose with notes of peach, apricot and other tropical fruits. Aromatic to say the least, this varietal is tough to grow, due to the narrow window of time when the aromatics and acids are at their peak. The best wines made from Viognier have a good balance of aromatic fruits and soft acids.
Here is a catch all category for all of the terrific crisp and clean white wines from around the world.   Here you will find a wild array of white wines from grapes a bit out of the normal spectrum.  The bulk of these wines are all fermented in stainless steel tanks and bottled young to preserve the freshness of the fruit.  These "orphan" grapes quite simply just don't fit into another category.  This is a fascinating category with some world class white wines.  Look for white wines from Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, South America and the United States.

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